Collage 2023

FCS conference at IISER-INST Mohali

Prof. Philip Tinnefeld's visit

Alumni Talk by Neeraj

Convocation Ceremony 2023

Let's assume Gamla = Jiban

Farhan's visit to EMBL, Germany

Shagun's visit to INST Mohali

Teacher's Day Celebration 2023

Graduation Dinner 

M.Sc. students (2021-2023) with CKN

Pushpendra's Defence

Group Members

PMM with CKN

PMM honoured by CKN

Aditya's Defence

AY with CKN

Group Members

Aditya's Farewell

Meeting with Prof. Stuart Hameroff

Christmas 2022 


Aditya's Germany visit

Group photo of Picoquant  SM workshop-2022

Aditya with Prof. Jörg Enderlein

Chethana's Defense 

CR with CKN

Group members

Chethana's Farewell

Chemical Sciences Symposium (CSS) at IIT Mandi 

New Lab Inauguration

Dinner at IIT Mandi Guest House 

Teacher's Day Celebration 2021

Navneet's Defense

Navneet Chandra Verma 

NCV with CKN

NCV with CKN and his Prof. Arijit K. De

Group members

Prashar Trip

Bir Billing Trip

Random Pictures

When the group is "thinking out of the box"